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Are we meant to run with masks on?

Are we meant to run with masks on? 3 Reasons why we should

Staying safe while exercising.

When South Africa moved into Lockdown stage 4, exercise outside the confines of our homes was finally allowed. However, strict hygiene protocols remained.

Even if you are running, a mask is mandatory.

Many people disagree with this sentiment as it makes it difficult to catch your breath and it’s possible to run and stay 1 metre apart. Here’s why masks are still necessary:

  1. When you run, you exhale more than usual as you push yourself physically, leaving extra droplets in the air around you which could be carrying germs.
  2. You’ll leave invisible clouds of breath behind you as you run, and anyone who walks behind you, even if you’re out of sight, will breathe it in.
  3. Without a mask, you may forget to be cautious when you stop and chat to your neighbour. Masks help us remain aware and vigilant.

Masks are compulsory because they keep other people safe from the wearer. As it has been proven that people can be infected with Covid-19 without realising it (thereby being asymptomatic), wearing a mask out of habit will prevent you spreading the virus you don’t even know you have.

Make sure your mask is breathable and not too thick or tight around your mouth before you go out exercising. In addition, keep your hands and clothes clean with OmniProtect, a sanitizing spray with 70% alcohol.

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