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4 tips for staying safe at the shops

4 tips for staying safe at the shops

The coronavirus will be around for a while to come, so it’s important we learn how to live with it. Here are 4 ways you can continue to stay safe as you shop in the new normal:


  1. Sanitize your hands when you leave the store, as well as when you enter.


  1. Use the automatic alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser. If there isn’t one, ask a shop assistant to sanitize your hands so that you don’t have to touch the bottle.


  1. Always take a bag with you so that you’re not holding your cellphone and wallet while browsing the store. Keep a sanitizer in your bag and spray your hands before taking anything out your bag.


  1. Don’t spend too much time in a store. Make a decision, or come back. It’s better to spend as little time as possible in a confined space with other people.


OmniProtect is a hand and surface alcohol based sanitizing spray that’s small enough to fit in your bag and easy to apply while out and about.

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