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5 things you never thought you needed to sanitize

5 things you never thought you needed to sanitize – Using your bulk sanitizer

You know to keep your hands sanitized, but that’s not all that carries germs.

The World Health Organisation has indicated the most effective way to slow the spread of the Covid-19 essentially comes down to the individual; to wash their hands regularly with soap or sanitizer and avoid touching their face.

Besides your hands, what else should we be keeping disinfected? Here are 5 things you maybe hadn’t thought of needing to sanitize:

1.Your face mask
Your hands, and potential germs on them, touch your mask frequently, adjusting it and taking it off (and putting it back on). Sanitize your mask every time you use it. Even better, have 2 or more masks and alternate between them.

2.Your shoes
It sounds obvious now, doesn’t it? Your shoes are traipsing around public places and bringing all those germs into your car and home. Spray them with sanitizer before you enter the house, or leave them outside for a few days.

3.Your groceries (and anything else you’ve bought)
You’re not the only one who perhaps picked up that cereal box. Sanitize all your cartons and packets and wash your fresh produce thoroughly. You can also put some groceries into ‘isolation’ for a few days.

4.Your cash
It’s better to avoid cash altogether, but if you can’t, sanitize your hands immediately after handling any of it. Try to put the cash aside for a few days so the germs can die.

5.The clothing you wore to the shops
Stay safe and put the clothing you wore to the shops straight into the wash once you get home. Otherwise, give them a spritz of sanitizer.

Sanitize yourself and your belongings quickly and easily with OmniProtect, a sanitizing spray that allows for effective and even application from up to 15cm away. OmniProtect is safe to spray on your cell-phone and other belongings and is available as a bulk sanitizer.

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