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Alcohol hand sanitizer spray vs gel – which is better?

Alcohol hand sanitizer spray vs gel – which is better?

We’re Team Sanitizer Spray, but in case you’re still wondering which is best, here are four reasons why sanitizer sprays top gels, every time. 


  1. Alcohol hand sanitizer sprays dry quickly (a full 10 seconds means you’ve used enough product), whereas gel sanitizers can take longer to dry, and can leave your hands feeling sticky. 
  2. Kids tend to prefer sprays, because the gel can slide off little hands before they have time to rub it in. Less sanitizer on hands, means fewer germs being killed. Sprays distribute the sanitizer more effectively, regardless of your child’s ability to thoroughly rub it in. 
  3. Sanitizer sprays use less product per dose than gel sanitizers use, which means you save money in the long run. 
  4. Sanitizer sprays are just more practical than gels when it comes to killing germs on surfaces like your desk, shoes, phone, steering wheel and keyboard. 


OmniProtect is an alcohol-based antibacterial sanitizing spray in a convenient aerosol canister that can be applied safely onto the skin and multiple surfaces.

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