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Are alcohol sanitizers safe to use?

Are alcohol sanitizers safe to use?

Hand sanitizer spray is safe for everyone to use. Here’s why:

The World Health Organisation states, “Alcohols in the sanitizers have not been shown to create any relevant health issues. Little alcohol is absorbed into the skin, and most products contain an emollient to reduce skin dryness. Allergic contact dermatitis and bleaching of hand hair due to alcohol are very rare adverse effects. Accidental swallowing and intoxication have been described in rare cases.” 

And what about in religions where alcohol is prohibited? 

Any manufactured substance developed to alleviate illness or contribute to better health is permitted by the Qur’an, including alcohol used as a medical agent. 

To help prevent the spread of germs, use an alcohol spray hand sanitizer liberally. OmniProtect has an alcohol content of 70%, which effectively kills germs in their tracks, and helps to keep you safe from COVID-19. 

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