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#BuildTomorrowTogether: Two good deeds with a single spray

#BuildTomorrowTogether: Two good deeds with a single spray

How Sandton City and Rays of Hope are creating employment opportunities and providing safety with OmniProtect in a single campaign

Can practising proper hygiene protocols be utilised towards a greater good? It is certainly the case for Sandton City’s #CreateTomorrow campaign, which not only raises hygiene awareness using OmniProtect, but also creates employment opportunities for those who need it most.

Sandton City and partner charity Rays of Hope, a non-profit organisation working to achieve lasting change for the community of Alexandra, are building a better tomorrow, together.

As part of this campaign, Sandton City and Rays of Hope have tapped members of the Alexandra community as #CreateTomorrow Hand Sanitizing Ambassadors, to ensure all those who visit the mall are able to maintain their hand hygiene practises, using OmniProtect sanitizing spray. With Sandton City, they have been able to provide work experience and income to some of the Alexandra community’s youth.

Rays of Hope is focused on bringing sustainable change to impoverished communities, with a focus on vulnerable children, education and work readiness.

This important initiative enables Sandton City to play its part, as all South Africans unite to rebuild, and ensure the health and safety of all who visit the mall remains top priority.

Brand creativity and social responsibility are two factors that can work together to make exceptional change in such extraordinary times. OmniProtect believes in creating a better tomorrow by playing its part today.

OmniProtect is a sanitizing spray that is easy to apply and perfect for on-the-go protection.

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