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Can unvaccinated people infect vaccinated people with COVID-19?

When are you protected against COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

The risk is low, but it’s not impossible…

While the high rates of protection offered by the three authorized vaccines have been widely praised, they’re not 100%. Unvaccinated people can still get vaccinated people sick with COVID-19. 

Although more research is needed about how the COVID-19 vaccines respond to emerging variants, we do know that vaccinated people who get infected may have less severe symptoms. This is because the body mounts an immune response and adapts to prevent the coronavirus from replicating. 

Research shows that there’s still a chance that vaccinated people can develop symptoms, although the likelihood is much lower.


To help stop the spread of harmful viruses, it’s important to practice good hygiene – washing hands with soap and using a 70% alcohol aerosol hand sanitizer, like OmniProtect Sanitizer Spray. 

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