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Demystifying Omicron

Demystifying Omicron

There’s some uncertainty around the new variant of COVID-19. Here’s some clarification from the latest research about Omicron. 

How is omicron different from other versions of the virus?
The most obvious difference with omicron is how easily transmissible this variant is. Omicron also appears to be more adept at producing breakthrough infections among those who are fully vaccinated, and even those who have gotten booster shots. But, the risk of serious illness or death is far lower for those who are vaccinated and boosted.

If omicron is spreading so rapidly, does this mean vaccinations aren’t working?
No. The main purpose of vaccines is to train the body to fight off a virus. Research has shown that people who are fully vaccinated, and boosted when appropriate, are not getting as sick, even from the new variant.

“The undiscussed story of the pandemic is just how good the vaccines work at what they were designed to do: keep people alive, keep them out of the hospital, keep them off a ventilator,” says Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Nirav Shah.

Even if a vaccinated person contracts omicron, research proves that they pass along less virus for a shorter period of time to others. Additionally, the risk of developing “long COVID” is significantly lessened for those who are vaccinated.

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