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How is a Coronavirus test done, and what are the costs?

How is a coronavirus test done, and what are the costs?

If you have classic COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, dry cough, tiredness or loss of taste or smell, you’ll need to get tested. Here’s what happens during a test, and what you can expect to pay. 

How is testing done?
A healthcare professional will take a sample of your respiratory tract. They’ll put a small cotton swab up your nose, swirling it around for about 15 seconds. They may also swipe your throat. If you’re coughing up mucus, they might test that, too. You can expect to feel slightly uncomfortable during a test, but it won’t hurt. 

Your sample will be sent to a lab to check for SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Make sure you sanitize your hands and surfaces with a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer when you get tested. 

How much does testing cost?

Click and Dis-Chem pharmacies offer tests ranging between R200 and R850, depending on the type. If you test positive for COVID-19, most health insurers will cover the cost of the test for the policyholder. Testing at a public facility, including a state hospital or clinic, is done free of charge. 

It’s important to continue wearing masks, practise social distancing, and sanitize your hands and surfaces with a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. Disinfecting your home and office space with a handheld room fogger is always a good idea. 

To help lessen the spread of COVID-19 and keep safe from germs, use OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray – a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer in a convenient aerosol canister that you can take with you wherever you go. OmniProtect supplies bulk sanitizer and handheld room foggers in convenient aerosol canisters

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