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How to deal with anxiety over going outside in the new normal

How to deal with anxiety over going outside in the new normal

If you’re feeling a bit of anxiety around going back to work or venturing out to a restaurant or the gym, don’t worry – that’s completely normal and you’re not alone. Here are some ways you can deal with the anxiety of going out in the new normal:


  • Know that anxiety is normal

It’s important to realise that feeling anxious about seeing people in person again is not unusual. Understand that you’re not alone in feeling this way.


  • Slowly increase your social interaction

Start seeing family and friends in small doses, perhaps one at a time. Where you may be anxious about socialising again, it’s important for your happiness and mental well-being. Just socialise at a distance and outdoors if you can.


  • Ask family to come to you

Take it step by step. Having a sister or cousin visit you is less effort than you going out. Make some coffee and sit outdoors to stay safe.


  • Balance your digital interaction with in-person interaction

Carry on with your phone calls, voice notes and video chats, but try to follow them up with an occasional coffee meet up or breakfast out. Anxiety sets in as we become too dependent on digital interaction and forget how to interact physically.


The time of social distancing and face masks is far from from over and so it’s important to adapt and stay social regardless. Stay safe and stay connected.

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