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How to stay germ-free in the gyms

How to stay germ-free in the gyms

Gyms across South Africa are re-opening, so for those dedicated to getting back in shape after lockdown, keep these tips in mind when going back to the gym.


Change and shower at home. This cuts the time spent in the gym, and also reduces your chance of cross-contamination. 


Have separate towels on hand. Keep a towel or two for your body only, one for equipment, and one for your face. 


Sanitize gym equipment with an antiviral sanitizer before and after use. 


Consider joining a class as opposed to training on your usual gym equipment – for two reasons: classes may be safer as they’re smaller in size, allowing more space between people; and classes provide equipment, which means you won’t have to linger while you wait for gym-goers to finish their sets. 


OmniProtect is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in an aerosol canister that quickly and efficiently disinfects all kinds of surfaces in the gym, as well as your hands.

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