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Product Information

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Product Information:

There is a gap in the market for a hand-held 70% sanitizing fogger. The OmniProtect Fogger is hand-held and you can walk through the area you wish to disinfect to ensure that all surfaces will be successfully covered.


Cover an area of approximately 80m²

Product Introduction:

The OmniProtect Hand-held Sanitizing Fogger is a scientifically formulated sanitizing fogger with 70% alcohol for extra protection. The active ingredient is CHG, professionally used in hospitals to prevent infection. Unlike gel applications which are sticky and difficult to apply, the OmniProtect Hand-held Sanitizing Fogger allows for easy sanitization without having to make contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. With the environment in mind, the can is 96% recyclable and the solution is CFC free.

Product Unique Selling Points:

  • 70% Alcohol
  • Effective area sanitiser
  • Coverage for difficult to reach areas
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Easy to Use Aerosol Fog System
  • Effective against bacteria, virus and fungus

Product Application

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Stock up on an aerosol sanitizer with a powerful 70% alcohol kick.
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Minimum Order Qty.
  • Aerosol Sanitizer
    10,000 units.
  • 5L Sanitizer
    500 litres.
  • 25L Sanitizer
    500 litres.
  • 1Ton Sanitizer
    1000 litres.
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