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Stay safe during a one-on-one session with your therapist

Stay safe during a one-on-one session with your therapist

Zoom meetings with your therapist just aren’t the same as the authentic experience of engaging face to face. So if you’re feeling ready to have a session with your therapist at their consulting room, but aren’t sure about safety etiquette, here are some tips to keep in mind: 


  • Avoid touching magazines and brochures in the waiting room. 


  • Don’t go to your therapist if you’re feeling ill. Take your temperature before you leave. 


  • Ask if you can have the session outdoors if the weather permits it, you’ll be uninterrupted, and the environment is fairly quiet and private.      


  • Avoid physical contact with your therapist, but keep comfortable eye contact. 


  • Bring your own tissues and alcohol hand sanitizer. 


Your mental health is of utmost importance right now, so take care if it as well as you take care of your physical health. Pop an OmniProtect pocket hand sanitizer into your handbag on your way to your therapist to protect yourself from germs.

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