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Are babies at risk of COVID-19?

When are you protected against COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

Infants under the age of 12 months may be at higher risk of more serious symptoms of COVID-19 than older children. 

The Mayo Clinic notes that this is likely due to their immature immune systems and smaller airways, which make them more likely to develop breathing issues with respiratory virus infections.

Follow these protocols in hospital: 

  • Newborns can contract COVID-19 during childbirth or exposure to sick caregivers. 
  • Wear a face mask and wash and disinfect your hands with a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer when caring for your newborn. 
  • If you are severely ill with COVID-19, you might need to be temporarily separated from your newborn.
  • Frequent follow-up appointments with your baby’s healthcare provider are needed for two weeks. Infants who test negative for COVID-19 can be sent home from the hospital.

To help stop the spread of harmful viruses, it’s important to practice good hygiene – washing hands with soap and using a 70% alcohol aerosol hand sanitizer, like OmniProtect Sanitizer Spray. 

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