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You’ve touched your face 23 times in the past hour

You’ve touched your face 23 times in the past hour

It’s almost impossible to not touch our faces, making the use of soap and alcohol-based sanitizer even more vital.

The spread of Covid-19 can be slowed if we stop touching our eyes and mouths and sending germs into our systems, but a 2015 study from the University of New South Wales discovered that we touch our faces up to 23 times an hour – and it’s instinctive.

The truth is, we’ve been touching our faces since before we were born, literally. Foetuses in the womb have been shown to have their hands on their faces. According to psychologist Natasha Tiwari on BBC, “when we touch our faces what we’re really doing is calming ourselves down”.

It’s natural and instinctive, but all habits can be broken, or at least reduced. Here are 2 ways to help reduce the number of times you touch your face:

Wear a mask. It physically bars you from touching your mouth and can act as a constant reminder of the current danger.
Keep your hands busy with something else, like a fidget spinner, ball of prestick or elastic band.

In truth, keeping your hands clean in the first place is still the most effective way to slow the spread of germs. Use soap and water as often as possible and keep a sanitizer with you wherever you go. OmniProtect is an alcohol-based sanitizing spray that can be quickly and easily applied to all surfaces and your skin.


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